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* 996-0158.jpg Accessories
Bangle, Power Beads Bracelet, Round Bracelet, Bracelet, Sectional Bracelet, Necklace, Carved Craft (108 items in stock)
* L2239-008.jpg Findings
Clasp (1 items in stock)
* 031-1018.JPG Pearls
Loose Piece, Loose Pair, Faceted Potato, Faceted Rice, Baroque, Button, Center-drilled, Coin, Oval Coin, Pear Coin, Fancy Coin, Diamond Coin, Rectangle Coin, Keshi, Keshi Petal, Center-drilled Keshi, Potato, Near Round, Rice, Top-drilled Drop, Rice Drop, Side-drilled, Stick (1063 items in stock)
* 276-1085 Cherry Quartz Pendant.jpg Pendants
Cabochon, Wired Pendant, Bezel Pendant, Capped Pendant, Carved Pendant, Butterfly Pendant, Heart Pendant, Flower Pendant, Leaf Pendant, Cross Pendant, Faceted Pendant, Plain Pendant, Shell Pendant, Donut Pie, Fancy Pendant (1120 items in stock)
* 234-1019_Blue_Opal_Briolette.jpg Briolette
Pentagon Briolette, Diamond Briolette, Marquise Briolette, Flat Pear Briolette, Teardrop Briolette, Cushion Cut Drop, Faceted Flat Drop, Fancy Briolette (660 items in stock)
* 329-1013 Muscovite Drop.jpg Drops
Marquise Drop, Flat Oval Drop, Flat Pear Drop, Diamond Drop, Flat Rectangle Drop, Leaf Drop, Shell Drop, Tear Drop, Nugget Drop, Fancy Drop (593 items in stock)
* 295-1004 Olive Quartz Cushion Cut.jpg Cushion Cuts
Diamond Cushion Cut, Square Cushion Cut, Cushion Cut, Faceted Flat Rectangle, Emerald Cut, Faceted Coin, Faceted Flat Oval, Faceted Flat Pear, Faceted Heart (812 items in stock)
* 149-1084 Blue Quartz Teardrop.jpg Faceted
Faceted Oval Rice, Faceted Teardrop, Faceted Tube, Strip-faceted, Faceted Swirl, Faceted Wheel, Faceted Rondell, Faceted Round (1406 items in stock)
* 134-1407 Amethyst Chips.jpg Chips & Nuggets
Faceted Chips, Chips, Simple Cut, Faceted Flat Nugget, Faceted Nugget, Faceted Slab, Flat Nugget, Tumbled Nugget, Rough Nugget (1218 items in stock)
* 295-1092 Olive Quartz Flower.jpg Carved Shapes
Carved Ball, Carved Oval, Corrugated, Carved Tube, Waved Coin, Waved Flat Oval, Waved Flat Rectangle, Flower, Butterfly, Scarab, Misc Carved (512 items in stock)
* 215-1008 Yellow Jasper Oval.jpg Long Shapes
Rectangle, Tube, Hexagon Tube, Triangle Tube, Oval Rice, Teardrop, Flat Tube, Hexagon Oval, Triangle Oval, Square Oval (1011 items in stock)
* 149-1156 Blue Quartz FO.jpg Flat Shapes
Heart, Star, Dime, Lentil, Fancy Dime, Flat Oval, Side-drilled Flat Oval, Twisted Flat Oval, Marquise, Flat Pear, Square Diamond, Diamond, Flat Square, Flat Rectangle, Flat Slab (2434 items in stock)
* 150-0401_Botswana_Agate_Star.jpg Fancy Shapes
Triangle, V-Shape, Poker Suits, Leaf, Moon, Cross, Swirl, Cone, Drum, Bird, Eagle, Bear, Buffalo, Octopus, Cloud, Donut, Rectangle Donut, Triangle Donut, Miscellaneous (701 items in stock)
* 289-1023 Yellow Opal.jpg Spacer
Dice, Cube, Heishi, Wheel, Rondell (529 items in stock)
* 140-0016 BO Round.jpg Plain Round
Round (1760 items in stock)
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 shapes) Result Pages:  1     

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