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* 174-1953.jpg Loose Piece
08x Loose Piece, 10x Loose Piece, 12x Loose Piece, 14x Loose Piece, 16x Loose Piece, 18x Loose Piece, 20x Loose Piece, 24x Loose Piece, 26x Loose Piece, 30x Loose Piece, 36x Loose Piece, 38x Loose Piece, 40x Loose Piece, 46x Loose Piece, 48x Loose Piece, 50x Loose Piece, 52x Loose Piece, 58x Loose Piece, 66x Loose Piece
Loose Piece, Round Loose, Undrilled Flat Oval Loose Piece, Undrilled Loose Baroque, Undrilled Loose Petal, Undrilled Loose Piece,
* 018-1062.jpg Loose Pair
06x Loose Pair, 08x Loose Pair, 10x Loose Pair, 12x Loose Pair, 14x Loose Pair
Half drilled Button Pair, Half-drilled Button, Half-drilled Button Pair, Half-drilled Teardrop Pair, Loose Pair, Undrilled Baroque pair, Undrilled botton Pair, Undrilled Button Pair, Undrilled Coin Pair, Undrilled Keshi Pair, Undrilled Teardrop Pair,
* 020-1028.jpg Faceted Potato
08x Faceted Potato, 10x Faceted Potato
Faceted Potato,
* 020-1025.jpg Faceted Rice
04x Faceted Rice, 08x Faceted Rice
Faceted Rice,
* 016-1042.jpg Baroque
06x Baroque, 08x Baroque, 10x Baroque, 12x Baroque, 16x Baroque, 18x Baroque, 20x Baroque, 26x Baroque
Baroque, Baroque Drop, Off-Round,
* 041-1030.jpg Button
06x Button, 08x Button, 10x Button, 12x Button
Button, Button Drop, Double Shine,
* 039-1037.jpg Center-drilled
04x Center-drilled, 06x Center-drilled, 08x Center-drilled, 10x Center-drilled, 12x Center-drilled, 36x Center-drilled, 40x Center-drilled
C.D, C.D., CD, Center-drilled, Cross,
* 031-1089.jpg Coin
10x Coin, 12x Coin, 14x Coin, 16x Coin, 18x Coin, 20x Coin
Baroque Coin, Coin, Coin Drop, Puffy Coin, Semi-Baroque Coin,
* 011-1135.jpg Oval Coin
12x Oval Coin, 14x Oval Coin, 16x Oval Coin, 10x Oval Coin
Oval Coin, Oval Drop,
* 011-1125.jpg Pear Coin
08x Pear Coin, 10x Pear Coin, 16x Pear Coin, 18x Pear Coin
Pear Coin, Pear Drop,
* 031-1042.jpg Fancy Coin
10x Fancy Coin, 12x Fancy Coin
Baroque Coin, Fancy Coin, Flower Coin, Star Coin, Star Coin Drop,
* 011-1123.jpg Diamond Coin
08x Diamond Coin, 10x Diamond Coin, 12x Diamond Coin, 20x Diamond Coin
Diamond, Diamond Coin,
* 011-1094.jpg Rectangle Coin
14x Rectangle Coin, 26x Rectangle Coin, 28x Rectangle Coin, 06x Rectangle Coin, 08x Rectangle Coin, 10x Rectangle Coin, 12x Rectangle Coin
Flat Rectangle Drop, Keshi Square, Rectangle, Rectangle Coin, Rectangle Drop, Square Coin, Square Drop,
* 021-1098.jpg Keshi
04x Keshi, 06x Keshi, 08x Keshi, 10x Keshi, 12x Keshi, 14x Keshi, 16x Keshi, 20x Keshi
Keishi, Keishi Drop, Keshi, Keshi Drop, Keshi Leaf,
* 032-0042.jpg Keshi Petal
08x Keshi Petal, 10x Keshi Petal, 12x Keshi Petal, 14x Keshi Petal, 16x Keshi Petal, 18x Keshi Petal, 20x Keshi Petal, 26x Keshi Petal, 30x Keshi Petal
Keshi, Keshi Petal, Twin Drop, Twin Keshi,
* 032-0019.jpg Center-drilled Keshi
04x Keshi, 06x Center-drilled Keshi, 08x Center-drilled Keshi, 10x Center-drilled Keshi, 14x Center-drilled Keshi, 16x Center-drilled Keshi
Center drilled, Center-drilled, Center-drilled Keshi,
* 033-1199.jpg Potato
02x Potato, 04x Potato, 06x Potato, 08x Potato, 10x Potato, 12x Potato
* 033-1053.jpg Near Round
06x Off-Round Potato, 08x Off-Round Potato, 10x Off-Round Potato
Near Round, Off Round, Off-Round, Off-Round Potato, Round, Semi-Round,
* 014-1100.jpg Rice
02x Rice, 04x Rice, 06x Rice, 08x Rice, 10x Rice
Peanut, Rice,
* 021-1052.jpg Top-drilled Drop
16x Top-drilled Drop, 20x Top-drilled Drop, 26x Top-drilled Drop, 30x Top-drilled Drop, 34x Top-drilled Drop
Diamond Drop, Keshi Drop, Top-drilled Drop,
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