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* L2239-007.jpg 14K Gold  Asbl 
(1 items in stock)
My Favorite 275-1067 Abalone Flat Pear Drop.jpg Abalone  E 
All, Abalone, Yellow Abalone (47 items in stock)
* 359-0016 African Agate.jpg African Agate  N 
All, African Agate (20 items in stock)
* 131-1009.jpg African Jade  N 
All, African Jade (23 items in stock)
* 285-1029 African Opal Flat Oval.jpg African Opal  N 
All, African Opal (26 items in stock)
* 132-1056.jpg African Turquoise  E 
All, African Turquoise (19 items in stock)
* L3415-001.jpg Agate Chalcedony
All, African Agate, Bird's Eye Agate, Black Onyx, Black Sardonyx, Blue Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Onyx, Botswana Agate, Brioche Agate, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Crab Fire Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Dendritic Agate, Dinosaur Bone, Drusy Agate, Dyed Chalcedony, Flower Agate, Gray Onyx, Green Onyx, Misc Agate Chalcedony, Montana Agate, Moroccan Agate, Moss Agate, Natural Agate, Natural Carnelian, Ocean Agate, Pakistan Onyx, Pink Chalcedony, Purple Chalcedony, Sardonyx, Thunder Eggs, Tree Agate, White Agate (1427 items in stock)
My Favorite 133-1823.jpg Amazonite  N 
All, Amazonite, Black Amazonite, Brazil Amazonite, Brazilian Amazonite, Peru Amazonite, White Amazonite (154 items in stock)
* 271-1025.jpg Amber  E 
All, Amber, Green Amber (17 items in stock)
My Favorite 134-2093.jpg Amethyst  E 
All, Amethyst, Amethyst Stalactite, Bio Amethyst, Cacoxenite Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Lace Amethyst, Lavender Amethyst, Moss Amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Rose Amethyst (225 items in stock)
* 235-1045.jpg Ametrine  E 
All, Amethyst + Citrine, Ametrine (5 items in stock)
* 274-0004.jpg Andalusite  N 
All, Andalusite (2 items in stock)
* 338-0023.jpg Angelite  N 
All, Angelite (10 items in stock)
* 135-1324.jpg Apatite  N 
All, Apatite, Blue Apatite, Green Apatite (91 items in stock)
* 136-0012.jpg Apple Jasper  N 
All, Apple Jasper (20 items in stock)
* L3324-002E.jpg Aquamarine  N 
All, Aquamarine, Aquamarine + Morganite, Coated Aquamarine, Green Aquamarine, Moss Aquamarine, Yellow Aquamarine (94 items in stock)
* 113-1124.jpg Arizona Turquoise  Stb 
All, Arizona Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (17 items in stock)
* 100-0567.jpg Astrophyllite  N 
All, Astrophyllite (7 items in stock)
* 138-1121.jpg Aventurine  N 
All, Aventurine (108 items in stock)
* 139-1042.jpg Azurite Malachite  N 
All, Azurite, Azurite Malachite (32 items in stock)
* 367-0003.jpg Beer Quartz  E 
All, Bear Quartz, Beer Quartz, Champagne Quartz, Whiskey Citrine, Whiskey Quartz, Whisky Quartz (4 items in stock)
* 364-0001.jpg Beryl  N 
All, Beryl (6 items in stock)
* 514-1005_Black_Coral_Round.jpg Black Coral  D 
All, Black Coral, Gold-dipped Black Coral (3 items in stock)
My Favorite 298-1089.jpg Black Mother of Pearl  N 
All, Black MOP, Black Mother of Pearl (134 items in stock)
* 343-0089.jpg Black Obsidian  N 
All, Black Obsidian (8 items in stock)
My Favorite 140-1640.jpg Black Onyx  D 
All, Black Onyx (139 items in stock)
* 354-0054.jpg Black Sardonyx  D 
All, Black Sardonyx (20 items in stock)
* 362-0017 Black Spot Jasper.jpg Black Spot Jasper  N 
All, Black Spot Jasper (18 items in stock)
* 241-0352 Black Stone Faceted Pillow.jpg Black Stone  N 
All, Black Stone (30 items in stock)
* 141-1096.jpg Blood Stone  N 
All, Blood Stone (41 items in stock)
* 256-1063 Blue Agate Brio.jpg Blue Agate  Syn 
All, Blue Agate (24 items in stock)
* 142-1016.jpg Blue Aventurine  N 
All, Blue Aventurine (15 items in stock)
* 143-1350.jpg Blue Chalcedony  N 
All, Blue Chalcedony (51 items in stock)
* 313-1001.jpg Blue Crystal  D 
All, Blue Crystal (6 items in stock)
* 315-1090.jpg Blue Fluorite  N 
All, Blue Fluorite (1 items in stock)
* 144-0010_Blue_Goldstone_Round.jpg Blue Goldstone  Syn 
All, Blue Goldstone (29 items in stock)
* 145-1207.jpg Blue Lace Agate  N 
All, Blue Lace Agate (70 items in stock)
* 263-1002_Blue_Moonstone_Rondell.jpg Blue Moonstone  N 
All, Blue Moonstone (2 items in stock)
* 146-1009.jpg Blue Onyx  D 
All, Blue Onyx (20 items in stock)
* 234-1072.jpg Blue Opal  N 
All, Blue Opal (8 items in stock)
* 149-1101 Blue Quartz Fancy Drop.jpg Blue Quartz  Syn 
All, Blue Quartz (37 items in stock)
* 147-1027.jpg Blue Tiger Eye  E 
All, Blue Tiger Eye (45 items in stock)
* 218-1016 Swiss Topaz Faceted Tube.jpg Blue Topaz  E 
All, Blue Topaz, Blue Topaz with Beryl, London Blue Topaz, London Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Swiss Topaz (12 items in stock)
* 150-1109.jpg Botswana Agate  N 
All, Botswana Agate, Yellow Botswana Agate (77 items in stock)
* 369-0013.jpg Boulder Opal  N 
All, Boulder Opal (1 items in stock)
* 388-0003.jpg Brandy Opal  N 
All, Brandy Opal (30 items in stock)
* 356-0001 Brioche Agate.jpg Brioche Agate  N 
All, Brioche Agate (1 items in stock)
* 322-1074.jpg Bronzite  N 
All, Bronzite (11 items in stock)
* 244-1043.jpg Brown Rhodochrosite  N 
All, Brown Rhodochrosite (12 items in stock)
* 302-0018.jpg Brown Zebra Jasper  N 
All, Brown Zebra Jasper (19 items in stock)
* 389-0091.jpg Bryozoan Coral  N 
All, Bryozoan Coral (1 items in stock)
* 151-1058.jpg Burma Jade  N 
All, Burma Jade, Jade (32 items in stock)
* 152-1008_Cacoxentile_Twisted_Flat_Oval.jpg Cacoxenite  N 
All, Cacoxenite (3 items in stock)
* 129-1099 Calcite Chips.jpg Calcite  N 
All, Blue Calcite, Calcite, Green Calcite, Honey Calcite, Yellow Calcite (27 items in stock)
My Favorite 154-1150 Cape Amethyst Round.jpg Cape Amethyst  E 
All, Cape Amethyst (96 items in stock)
My Favorite 153-1494.jpg Carnelian  D 
All, Carnelian (167 items in stock)
* 100-0505 Cat Eye.jpg Cat's Eye  N 
All, Cat's Eye, Natural Cat's Eye (5 items in stock)
* 261-1057 Cat Eye Tube.jpg Cat's Eye (Syn.)  Syn 
All, Cat's Eye (Syn.) (118 items in stock)
* 346-0007 Celestine.jpg Celestine  N 
All, Celestine (1 items in stock)
* 155-1043 Charoite.jpg Charoite  Stb 
All, Charoite (13 items in stock)
* 398-0004.jpg Cherry Creek Jasper  N 
All, Cherry Creek Jasper (2 items in stock)
* 276-1002.jpg Cherry Quartz  Syn 
All, Cherry Quartz (91 items in stock)
My Favorite 112-2867.jpg Chinese Turquoise  Stb 
All, Chinese Turquoise, Stabilized CTQ, Stablized Turquoise, Turquoise (183 items in stock)
* 370-0033.jpg Chrome Diopside  Stb 
All, Chrome Diopside, Diopside (8 items in stock)
* 156-1108.jpg Chrysocolla  Stb 
All, Chrysocolla, Morocco Chrysocolla, Ray Chrysocolla (25 items in stock)
* 157-1402.jpg Chrysoprase  N 
All, Chrysoprase (66 items in stock)
My Favorite 126-1451.jpg Citrine  E 
All, Citrine, Lemon Citrine, Whiskey Citrine (79 items in stock)
* 087-0001.jpg Cloisonne  Asbl 
(1 items in stock)
* 418-0001.jpg Coated Moonstone  C 
All, Coated Moonstone (7 items in stock)
* 515-1001.jpg Coral  N 
All, Coral, Ox Blood Coral, Pink Coral, Salmon Coral, White Coral (19 items in stock)
* 519-1077 Dyed Coral Round.jpg Corals
All, Black Coral, Bryozoan Coral, Coral, Dyed Coral, Sponge Coral, Tiger Coral (199 items in stock)
* 323-1004 Corundum Flat Rect.jpg Corundum  N 
All, Corundum, Green Corundum (3 items in stock)
* 341-0046.jpg Crab Fire Agate  E 
All, Crab Fire Agate (24 items in stock)
* 304-1033.jpg Cracked Crystal  E 
All, Crack Crystal, Cracked Crystal (41 items in stock)
* 158-1023.jpg Crazy Lace Agate  N 
All, Crazy Lace Agate, Red Crazy Lace Agate (57 items in stock)
* 253-1032 CZ F Round.jpg Cubic Zirconia  Syn 
All, Cubic Zircon, Cubic Zirconia, Cubic Zirconia (Purple) (15 items in stock)
* 360-0015 Cuprite.jpg Cuprite  N 
All, Cuprite (1 items in stock)
* 130-0580.jpg Dalmatian Jasper  N 
All, Dalmatian Jasper (20 items in stock)
* L4335-001.jpg Diamond Quartz  N 
All, Diamond Quartz (1 items in stock)
* 280-1002.jpg Dolomite  N 
All, Dolomite (11 items in stock)
* 401-1074.jpg Drusy Agate  N 
All, Achat Crystal, Archat Crystal, Drusy Agate, Dyed Agate, Geode Agate (73 items in stock)
* 368-0003.jpg Dumar Stone  N 
All, Dumar Stone (11 items in stock)
* 160-0604.jpg Dumortierite  N 
All, Dumortierite (31 items in stock)
* 318-1061 Dyed Abalone FO.jpg Dyed Abalone  D 
All, Dyed Abalone, Dyed Abalone (Blue), Dyed Abalone (Green), Dyed Abalone (Purple), Dyed Abalone (Red), Dyed Abalone (Yellow) (54 items in stock)
* 311-1057.jpg Dyed Chalcedony  D 
All, Blue Chalcedony, Chalcedony, Dyed Blue Chalcedony, Dyed Chalcedony, Dyed Green Chalcedony, Green Chalcedony (22 items in stock)
My Favorite 519-1368.jpg Dyed Coral  D 
All, Dyed Coral, Imitation Coral (80 items in stock)
* 326-1002 Dyed MOP Chips.jpg Dyed Mother of Pearl  D 
All, Dyed Grey MOP, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Dyed Pink Mother of Pearl (46 items in stock)
* 340-0019.jpg Elephant Skin Jasper  N 
All, Elephant Skin Jasper (10 items in stock)
* 292-0041.jpg Emerald  E 
All, Emerald (15 items in stock)
* 328-1038.jpg Emerald Jade  D 
All, Emerald Jade (9 items in stock)
* 161-0551.jpg Fancy Jasper  N 
All, Fancy Jasper (85 items in stock)
* 320-1011 Feldspath Corrugated.jpg Feldspath  N 
All, Feldspath (7 items in stock)
* 101-0645.jpg Fire Opal  N 
All, Fire Opal, Mexican Opal (4 items in stock)
* 272-1004 Fish Bone Carved.jpg Fish Bone  E 
All, Bone, Fish Bone (13 items in stock)
* 358-0022.jpg Flower Agate  N 
All, Flower Agate, Red Flower Agate (8 items in stock)
* 163-0575.jpg Flower Jasper  N 
All, Flower Jasper (15 items in stock)
* 124-1332.jpg Fluorite  N 
All, Fluorite, Golden Fluorite, Purple Fluorite, Rainbow Fluorite, Smoky Fluorite, Yellow Fluorite (96 items in stock)
* 296-1038.jpg Fossil Coral  N 
All, Fossil Coral, Red Fossil Coral (32 items in stock)
* 019-1028.jpg Freshwater Pearl CD  N 
(5 items in stock)
* 039-1037.jpg Freshwater Pearl CD Dyed  D 
(24 items in stock)
* 011-1198.jpg Freshwater Pearl Coin  N 
(76 items in stock)
* 031-1081.jpg Freshwater Pearl Coin Dyed  D 
(37 items in stock)
* 019-1024.jpg Freshwater Pearl Drop  N 
(69 items in stock)
* 041-1030.jpg Freshwater Pearl Drop Dyed  D 
(56 items in stock)
* 020-1028.jpg Freshwater Pearl Faceted  N 
(4 items in stock)
* 021-1065.jpg Freshwater Pearl Fancy  N 
(126 items in stock)
* 012-1176.jpg Freshwater Pearl Keshi  N 
(33 items in stock)
* 032-0057.jpg Freshwater Pearl Keshi Dyed  D 
(25 items in stock)
* 013-1124.jpg Freshwater Pearl Potato  N 
(84 items in stock)
* 033-1102.jpg Freshwater Pearl Potato Dyed  D 
(132 items in stock)
* 101-0279.jpg Freshwater Pearl Rice  N 
(26 items in stock)
* 034-1093.jpg Freshwater Pearl Rice Dyed  D 
(46 items in stock)
* 018-1018.jpg Freshwater Pearl SD  N 
(71 items in stock)
* 038-1066.jpg Freshwater Pearl SD Dyed  D 
(95 items in stock)
* 312-1010.jpg Fuchsia Jade  D 
All, Fuchsia Jade (5 items in stock)
My Favorite 116-1408.jpg Garnet  E 
All, Garnet, Purple Garnet, Rhodolite Garnet, Tundra Garnet (123 items in stock)
* 116-1207 Garnet Brio.jpg Garnets
All, Andalusite, Garnet, Green Garnet, Hessonite, Misc Garnet, Spessartite, Tsavorite, Uvarovite, Vessonite (195 items in stock)
* 258-1004.jpg Glass  Syn 
All, Blue Glass, Frosted Glass, Glass, Glass (Blue), Green Glass, Purple Glass (38 items in stock)
* 255-0578.jpg Golden Amphibolite  N 
All, Golden Amphibolite (11 items in stock)
* 101-2774.jpg Golden Obsidian  N 
All, Golden Obsidian (3 items in stock)
* 164-0010.jpg Goldstone  Syn 
All, Goldstone (59 items in stock)
* 301-1153.jpg Gray Onyx  N 
All, Gray Agate, Gray Onyx (31 items in stock)
* 268-0012.jpg Green Amethyst  E 
All, Green Amethyst (15 items in stock)
* 124-1325.jpg Green Fluorite  N 
All, Green Fluorite (40 items in stock)
* 166-1153.jpg Green Garnet  N 
All, Green Garnet, Grossula Garnet, Grossular, Grossular Garnet, Red Green Garnet (37 items in stock)
* 344-0004.jpg Green Goldstone  Syn 
All, Green Goldstone (6 items in stock)
My Favorite 209-1251.jpg Green Jade  N 
All, Green Jade, Taiwan Jade (77 items in stock)
* 357-0003 Green Line Quartz.jpg Green Line Quartz  N 
All, Green Line Quartz (6 items in stock)
* 222-1050.jpg Green Onyx  D 
All, Green Onyx (25 items in stock)
* 100-0485.jpg Green Opal  N 
All, African Green Opal, Green Opal (16 items in stock)
* 100-0525 Green Spot Jasper.jpg Green Spot Jasper  N 
All, Green Spot Jasper (4 items in stock)
* 101-1856.jpg Green Tourmalinated Quartz  N 
All, Green Tourmalinated, Green Tourmalinated Quartz (81 items in stock)
* 112-1722.jpg Green Turquoise  N 
All, Dyed Green Turquoise, Green Turquoise (23 items in stock)
* 168-1118.jpg Hematine  Syn 
All, Hematine, Hematite (179 items in stock)
* 345-0031.jpg Hematoid Quartz  N 
All, Green Hematoid Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Red Hematoid Quartz, Yellow Hematoid Quartz (34 items in stock)
* 273-1014 Hemimorphite Round.jpg Hemimorphite  D 
All, Green Hemimorphite, Hemimorphite, Yellow Hemimorphite (30 items in stock)
* 220-1034 Hessonite.jpg Hessonite  N 
All, Hessonite, Hessonite Garnet (16 items in stock)
* 396-0003.jpg Hickoryite  N 
All, Blue Hickorite, Hickoryite (2 items in stock)
* 101-3448.jpg Hidden Valley Jasper  N 
All, Hidden Valley Jasper (8 items in stock)
* 332-1021.jpg Hypersthene  Stb 
All, Hypersthene (13 items in stock)
* 352-0046.jpg Imperial Jasper  N 
All, Imperial Jasper, Royal Imperial Jasper (21 items in stock)
* 101-3555.jpg Impression Jasper  D 
All, Impression Jasper (6 items in stock)
* 327-1010 Indian Sunstone F FO.jpg Indian Sunstone  D 
All, Indian Sunstone, Sunstone (15 items in stock)
* 170-1137.jpg Iolite  E 
All, Iolite (29 items in stock)
* 209-1120 Green Jade F Rect.jpg Jade
All, African Jade, Burma Jade, Emerald Jade, Fuchsia Jade, Green Jade, Lavender Jade, Lemon Jade, Misc Jade, New Jade, Olive Jade, Peach Jade, Pink Jade, Purple Jade, Red Jade, Soocho Jade, White Jade, Yellow Jade (818 items in stock)
* 302-1001 Brown Zebra Jasper Flat Rect.jpg Jasper
All, Apple Jasper, Black Spot Jasper, Brown Zebra Jasper, Cherry Creek Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Elephant Skin Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Flower Jasper, Fossil Coral, Green Spot Jasper, Green Vein Jasper, Hickoryite, Hidden Valley Jasper, Imperial Jasper, Impression Jasper, Jet, Kambaba Jasper, Kiwi Jasper, Landscape Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Mexican Zebra Jasper, Misc Jasper, Mookaite, Noreena Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Owyhee Sunset Jasper, Palm Jasper, Picture Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, Silver Leaf Jasper, Tiger Iron Jasper, Variegate Jasper, Wonder Stone, Wood Jasper, Wood Opalite, Yellow Jasper, Zebra Jasper (909 items in stock)
* 399-0001.jpg Jet  N 
All, Jet, Jet Jasper (5 items in stock)
* 100-0815.jpg K2 Blue  N 
All, K2 Blue (1 items in stock)
* 297-1035.jpg Kambaba Jasper  N 
All, Kambaba Jasper (19 items in stock)
* 290-1003 Kiwi Jasper Flat Oval.jpg Kiwi Jasper  N 
All, Kiwi Jasper (4 items in stock)
* 121-1021.jpg Kunzite  Stb 
All, Kunzite (15 items in stock)
* 172-1200.jpg Kyanite  Stb 
All, Blue Kyanite, Green Kyanite, Kyanite (58 items in stock)
* 123-1649.jpg Labradorite  N 
All, Black Labradorite, Labradorite, Spectralite, Spectrolite (122 items in stock)
* 412-0003.jpg Landscape Jasper  N 
All, Landscape Jasper (2 items in stock)
My Favorite 174-1648.jpg Lapis  N 
All, Demin Lapis, Denim Lapis, Lapis, N. Lapis, Natural Lapis, Natural Lapis (141 items in stock)
* 238-0413 Lapis Howlite Heart.jpg Lapis Howlite  D 
All, Lapis Howlite (8 items in stock)
* 175-0012_Lapis_Nevada_Round.jpg Lapis Nevada  N 
All, Lapis Nevada (21 items in stock)
* L2868-002A.jpg Larimar  N 
All, Larimar (13 items in stock)
* 294-1152.jpg Lava  N 
All, Black Lava, Brown Lava, Gray Lava, Lava, Red Lava (38 items in stock)
* 417-0002.jpg Lavender Jade  E 
All, Lavender Jade (3 items in stock)
* 236-0012 Lavender Round.jpg Lavender Quartz  D 
All, Lavender Quartz (31 items in stock)
* 122-1058.jpg Lemon Chrysoprase  N 
All, Lemon Chrysoprase (67 items in stock)
* 277-1030.jpg Lemon Jade  N 
All, Lemon Jade (25 items in stock)
* 262-1042.jpg Lemon Quartz  E 
All, Bi-color Lemon Quartz, Bio-color Lemon Quartz, Green Gold Quartz, Lemon Quartz (33 items in stock)
* 249-0001 Lemon Topaz.jpg Lemon Topaz  E 
All, Lemon Topaz (2 items in stock)
* 176-1049.jpg Leopard Skin Jasper  N 
All, Leopard Skin Jasper, New Leopard Skin Jasper (50 items in stock)
* 104-0090.jpg Lepidocrocite in Quartz  N 
All, Lepidocrocite in Quartz, Raspberry Quartz (3 items in stock)
* 173-1084.jpg Lepidolite  N 
All, Lapidolite, Lepidolite, Pink Lepidolite (38 items in stock)
* 167-1068.jpg Lodalite  N 
All, Green Phantom Quartz, Lodalite (12 items in stock)
* 177-1005.jpg Mahogany Obsidian  N 
All, Brown Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian (37 items in stock)
* 178-1178.jpg Malachite  N 
All, Malachite, Red Malachite (78 items in stock)
* 306-1003 Mangano Calcite Tube.jpg Mangano Calcite  N 
All, Mangano Calcite, Pink Calcite (11 items in stock)
* L2239-007.jpg Metal
All, 14K Gold, Cloisonne, Sterling Silver (22 items in stock)
* 216-1005 Zebra Jasper Nugget.jpg Mexican Zebra Jasper  N 
All, Mexican Zebra Jasper (7 items in stock)
* 325-1003.jpg Mica Quartz  N 
All, Mica Quartz (6 items in stock)
* 197-1637.jpg Milky Quartz  N 
All, Milky Quartz (12 items in stock)
* 143-1085 Blue Chalcedony Faceted Rectangle.jpg Misc
All, Amazonite, Amber, Angelite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Astrophyllite, Azurite Malachite, Beryl, Black Obsidian, Black Stone, Blood Stone, Blue Fluorite, Blue Goldstone, Blue Moonstone, Blue Tiger Eye, Bronzite, Brown Rhodochrosite, Calcite, Cat's Eye, Cat's Eye (Syn.), Celestine, Charoite, Chrome Diopside, Coated Moonstone, Cobaltoan Calcite, Corundum, Cubic Zirconia, Cuprite, Dolomite, Dumar Stone, Dumortierite, Emerald, Feldspath, Fish Bone, Fluorite, Gaspeite, Golden Amphibolite, Golden Obsidian, Goldstone, Green Fluorite, Green Goldstone, Hematine, Hemimorphite, Hypersthene, Indian Sunstone, Iolite, K2 Blue, Kunzite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis, Lapis Howlite, Lapis Nevada, Larimar, Lava, Lemon Chrysoprase, Lepidolite, Mahogany Obsidian, Malachite, Mangano Calcite, Mica Quartz, Misc Item, Misc Stone, Mixed Stones, Moonstone, Morganite, Muscovite, Orange Calcite, Peridot, Phosphosiderite, Picasso Stone, Pietersite, Prehnite, Pyrite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Red Howlite, Red Tiger Eye, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rhyolite, Riverstone, Ruby, Ruby in Fuchsite, Ruby Zoisite, Russian Amazonite, Russian Serpentine, Sapphire, Scapolite, Septaria, Seraphinite, Shattuckite, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Spinel, Stichtite, Sugilite, Sunstone, Tanzanite, Tektite, Tiffany Stone, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Turquoise Howlite, Unakite, Variscite, White Howlite (3576 items in stock)
* 102-0500.jpg Misc Agate Chalcedony  N 
All, Black Zebra Agate, Blue Crab Agate, Brazilian Agate, Brazilian Orbicular Agate, Brown Agate, Brown Chalcedony, Chalcedony, Colorado River Agate, Condor Agate, Dyed Agate, Dyed Purple Geode Agate, Fancy Agate, Fire Agate, Geode Agate, Green Agate, Green Stripe Agate, Ice Blue Agate, Juicy Agate, Laguna Lace Agate, Lavender Chalcedony, Madagascar Agate, Mixed Agate, Purple Agate, Purple Chalcedony, Turitella Agate, Turritella Agate, Weathered Agate, Yellow Chalcedony, Yellow Spot Agate (74 items in stock)
* 116-1340.jpg Misc Garnet  E 
All, Almond Garnet, Champagne Garnet, Change Garnet, Diamond Garnet (3 items in stock)
* 100-0764.jpg Misc Item  N 
All, Wood (2 items in stock)
* 103-0012.jpg Misc Jade  N 
All, Blue Jade, Butter Jade, Dyed Black Jade, Dyed Blue Jade, Dyed Jade, Dyed Pink Jade, Dyed Yellow Jade, Green Serpentine, Peking Jade (14 items in stock)
* 101-3614.jpg Misc Jasper  N 
All, African Prase Jasper, Autumn Jasper, Autumn Stone, Black White Jasper, Bumblebee Jasper, Butterfly Jasper, Cabernet Jasper, Chita, Conglomerate Jasper, Cripple Creek Jasper, Duck Creek Jasper, Flame Jasper, Flower Wood Jasper, Fossil Bamboo, Fossil Jasper, Galaxite, Green Fuchsite, Green Jasper, Green Line Jasper, Green Prase Jasper, Green Yellow Jasper, Imitation Jasper, Itasy Jasper, Jelly Bean Jasper, Landscape Jasper, Lavenderite, Mahogany Jasper, Palm Wood, Peanut Jasper, Pilbara Jasper, Polychrome Jasper, Polychronic Jasper, Psilomelane, Purpurite, Rainbow Jasper, Red Horn Jasper, Red Karmen, Red Mud Jasper, Red Muger Jasper, Red Yellow Jasper, River Jasper, Rocky Butte Picture Jasper, Snake Skin Jasper, Spicy Jasper, Tiger Jasper, Viper Jasper, Willow Creek Jasper, Wooden Jasper (57 items in stock)
* 105-0019.jpg Misc Opal  N 
All, Australia Opal, Australian Opal, Ethiopian Opal, Madagascar Opalite, Opal (9 items in stock)
* 104-0063.jpg Misc Quartz  E 
All, Amethyst + Citrine, Amethyst + Rose Quartz, Aurora Crystal, Bi-color Quartz, Black Phantom Quartz, Blue Quartz, Citrine + Amethyst, Crystal with Fluorite, Dendritic Quartz, Drusy Quartz, Dyed Crystal, Dyed Quartz, Fluorite in Quartz, Golden Quartz, Green Crystal, Green Gold Quartz, Green Quartz, Green Tourmalinated Quartz + Rose Quartz, Mixed Quartz, Morocco Quartz, Multi Quartz, Petalite, Purple Quartz, Quartz with Hematite, Red Crystal, Red Quartz, Rock Crystal + Smoky Quartz, Rock Crystal+ Smoky Quartz, Rose Phantom, Smoky Quartz + Rock Crystal, Snow Quartz, Solar Quartz, White Quartz, Yellow Crystal, Yellow Crystal Quartz (80 items in stock)
* 108-0001.jpg Misc Shells  E 
All, Coated Mother of Pearl, Fossil Shell, Freshwater Shell, Inlay Mother of Pearl, Pink Shell, Spiralite Gemshells (6 items in stock)
* 100-0781.jpg Misc Stone  N 
All, Baryte on Cerussite, Gold Sand Stone, Golden Mica, Golden Snow Flake, Idocrase, Lithiophilite, Mud Jasper, Orbicular Granite, Petoskey Stone, Petrified Wood, Petrified Wood Jasper, Print Stone, Red Spot Stone, Seftonite, Sillimanite, Sonoran Dendritic Rhyolite, Sphene, Triolite Lazulite, Triolite Lesiolite, Vanadinite, Volcanic Glass (33 items in stock)
* 107-0011.jpg Misc Turquoise  E 
All, Imitation Turquoise, Iran Turquoise, Turquoise (45 items in stock)
* 101-1758.jpg Mixed Stones  E 
All, Aquamarine, Aquamarine & Tourmaline, Aquamarine + Morganite, Aventurine + Black Onyx, Chalcedony +Lapis+Carnelian, Chalcedony+Lapis+Carnelian, Gold Sand Stone, Mixed Bead, Mixed Quartz, Mixed Stone, Mixed Stones, Morganite + Aquamarine, Olive Jade + Yellow Jade, Rose Quartz + Sodalite, Sodalite + Russian Amazonite, Topaz with Quartz, Tourmaline + Apatite, Tourmaline + Aquamarine, White Agate + Black Onyx (20 items in stock)
* 243-0575.jpg Montana Agate  N 
All, Montana Agate (3 items in stock)
* 182-1052.jpg Mookaite  N 
All, Brecciated Mookaite, Mookaite, Red Mookaite (61 items in stock)
* 179-1262.jpg Moonstone  Stb 
All, Brown Moonstone, Golden Sheen Moonstone, Goldsand Moonstone, Gray Moonstone, Green Moonstone, Mixed Moonstone, Moonstone, Peach Moonstone, Pink Moonstone (139 items in stock)
* L3067-004D.jpg Morganite  N 
All, Morganite (7 items in stock)
* 180-0012.jpg Moss Agate  N 
All, Black Moss Agate, Montana Moss Agate, Moss Agate, Pink Agate, Pink Moss Agate (64 items in stock)
* 279-1022.jpg Moss Opal  N 
All, Green Moss Opal, Moss Opal (18 items in stock)
My Favorite 181-1365 MOP Round.jpg Mother of Pearl  B 
All, MOP, Mother of Pearl, White MOP, White Mother of Pearl (188 items in stock)
* 329-1010.jpg Muscovite  N 
All, Muscovite (21 items in stock)
* 183-1163.jpg Natural Agate  N 
All, Natural Agate, Pink Natural Agate (23 items in stock)
* 265-1232.jpg Natural Carnelian  E 
All, Agate, Carnelian, N. Carnelian, Natural Agate, Natural Carnelian, Pink Agate (265 items in stock)
* 245-1267.jpg Natural Mother of Pearl  N 
All, N. Mother of Pearl, Natural Mother of Pearl, Yellow Mother of Pearl (74 items in stock)
My Favorite 184-1235.jpg New Jade  N 
All, New Jade (190 items in stock)
* 390-0006.jpg Noreena Jasper  N 
All, Noreena Jasper (2 items in stock)
* 355-0008 Ocean Agate.jpg Ocean Agate  N 
All, Ocean Agate (4 items in stock)
* 101-2574.jpg Ocean Jasper  N 
All, Green Ocean Jasper, Ocean Jade, Ocean Jasper (33 items in stock)
* 264-1188.jpg Olive Jade  N 
All, Olive Jade (71 items in stock)
* 295-1075.jpg Olive Quartz  N 
All, Olive Quartz (56 items in stock)
* 234-1019_Blue_Opal_Briolette.jpg Opal
All, African Opal, Blue Opal, Boulder Opal, Brandy Opal, Fire Opal, Green Opal, Misc Opal, Moss Opal, Opaline, Opalite, Oregon Opal, Owyhee Blue Opal, Pink Opal, White Opal, Yellow Opal, Yellow Opalite (309 items in stock)
* 267-1011 Opalite Flat Oval.jpg Opalite  Syn 
All, Opalite (29 items in stock)
* 129-1119 Calcite F Rondell.jpg Orange Calcite  N 
All, Orange Calcite (20 items in stock)
* 365-0036.jpg Oregon Opal  N 
All, Oregon Opal (3 items in stock)
* 101-3452.jpg Owyhee Sunset Jasper  N 
All, Owyhee Sunset Jasper, Sunset Jasper (11 items in stock)
* 342-0003.jpg Pakistan Onyx  N 
All, Pakistan Onyx (2 items in stock)
* 101-3532.jpg Palm Jasper  N 
All, Palm Jasper (2 items in stock)
* 348-0015.jpg Peach Aventurine  N 
All, Peach Aventurine (7 items in stock)
* 309-1002.jpg Peach Jade  D 
All, Peach Jade (8 items in stock)
* 13-1029 fwp potato.jpg Pearl
All, Akoya Pearl, Freshwater Pearl CD, Freshwater Pearl CD Dyed, Freshwater Pearl Coin, Freshwater Pearl Coin Dyed, Freshwater Pearl Drop, Freshwater Pearl Drop Dyed, Freshwater Pearl Faceted, Freshwater Pearl Fancy, Freshwater Pearl Keshi, Freshwater Pearl Keshi Dyed, Freshwater Pearl Potato, Freshwater Pearl Potato Dyed, Freshwater Pearl Rice, Freshwater Pearl Rice Dyed, Freshwater Pearl SD, Freshwater Pearl SD Dyed (909 items in stock)
My Favorite 114-1309.jpg Peridot  N 
All, Peridot (63 items in stock)
* 387-0024 Peru Turquoise.jpg Peru Turquoise  Stb 
All, Peru Turquoise (8 items in stock)
* 394-0017.jpg Phosphosiderite  Stb 
All, Phosphosiderite (3 items in stock)
* 186-0012.jpg Picasso Stone  N 
All, Picasso, Picasso Stone (31 items in stock)
* 187-1109.jpg Picture Jasper  N 
All, Australia Picture Jasper, Australian Picture Jasper, Mexican Picture Jasper, Picture Jasper, Pink Picture Jasper, Red Picture Jasper (90 items in stock)
* 188-1079.jpg Pietersite  N 
All, Arizona Pietersite, Pietersite (36 items in stock)
* 335-0001.jpg Pink Chalcedony  N 
All, Pink Chalcedony (10 items in stock)
* 308-1099.jpg Pink Jade  D 
All, Pink Jade (45 items in stock)
* 299-1064 Pink MOP.jpg Pink Mother of Pearl  N 
All, Pink MOP, Pink Mother of Pearl (116 items in stock)
* 282-1135.jpg Pink Opal  N 
All, Pink Opal (52 items in stock)
* 381-0020.jpg Plated Crystal  C 
All, Plated Crystal, Plated Quartz, Plated Rock Crystal, Plated Rose Quartz (27 items in stock)
* 189-0014.jpg Poppy Jasper  N 
All, Poppy Jasper (95 items in stock)
* 101-1505.jpg Prehnite  N 
All, Prehnite (23 items in stock)
* 311-1027.jpg Purple Chalcedony  N 
All, Purple Chalcedony (7 items in stock)
* 300-1095.jpg Purple Jade  D 
All, Purple Jade (35 items in stock)
* 190-1211.jpg Pyrite  N 
All, Apache Gold, Chalcopyrite, Golden Pyrite, Pyrite, Pyrite in Quartz, Rainbow Pyrite, White Pyrite (64 items in stock)
* 134-1315 Amethyst F Flat Oval.jpg Quartz
All, Amethyst, Amethyst Crystal, Ametrine, Aventurine, Beer Quartz, Blue Aventurine, Blue Crystal, Blue Quartz, Cacoxenite, Cape Amethyst, Cherry Quartz, Citrine, Cracked Crystal, Diamond Quartz, Glass, Green Amethyst, Green Line Quartz, Green Tourmalinated Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Lavender Quartz, Lemon Quartz, Lepidocrocite in Quartz, Lodalite, Milky Quartz, Misc Quartz, Olive Quartz, Peach Aventurine, Plated Crystal, Red Aventurine, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Super Seven Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Turquoise Quartz, Yellow Quartz (2038 items in stock)
* 317-1305.jpg Rainbow Moonstone  Stb 
All, Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone (47 items in stock)
* 127-1047.jpg Rainbow Obsidian  N 
All, Rainbow Obsidian (24 items in stock)
* 191-1246.jpg Red Aventurine  N 
All, African Red Aventurine, Red Aventurie, Red Aventurine (182 items in stock)
* 171-0002 Red Howlite FO.jpg Red Howlite  D 
All, Pink Howlite, Red Howlite (7 items in stock)
* 128-1048.jpg Red Jade  D 
All, Red Jade (52 items in stock)
* 192-1097.jpg Red Jasper  N 
All, Red Jasper (74 items in stock)
* 193-1064.jpg Red Tiger Eye  E 
All, Red Tiger Eye (45 items in stock)
* 119-1167.jpg Rhodochrosite  N 
All, Peru Rhodochrosite, Pink Rhodochrosite, Rhodochrosite (77 items in stock)
* 194-1152.jpg Rhodonite  N 
All, Rhodonite (85 items in stock)
* 195-1080.jpg Rhyolite  N 
All, Rhyolite (27 items in stock)
* 196-0034.jpg Riverstone  N 
All, River Stone, Riverstone (2 items in stock)
My Favorite 197-1735.jpg Rock Crystal  N 
All, Crystal, Drusy Rock Crystal, Frosted Rock Crystal, Milky Quartz, Rock Crystal (134 items in stock)
My Favorite 198-1718.jpg Rose Quartz  E 
All, Rose Quartz (239 items in stock)
* 219-1042.jpg Ruby  E 
All, Dyed Ruby, Natural Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Corundum (13 items in stock)
* 350-0002 Ruby in Fuchsite Round.JPG Ruby in Fuchsite  N 
All, Ruby in Fuchsite (9 items in stock)
* 199-1043.jpg Ruby Zoisite  N 
All, Blue Ruby Zoisite, Ruby in Zoisite, Ruby Zoisite (22 items in stock)
* 305-1073.jpg Russian Amazonite  N 
All, Russian Amazonite (15 items in stock)
* 310-1003.jpg Russian Serpentine  N 
All, Russian Serpentine (17 items in stock)
My Favorite L3318-030A.jpg Rutilated Quartz  N 
All, Blue Rutilated Quartz, Brown Rutilated Quartz, Green Rutilated, Green Rutilated Quartz, Multi Rutilated Quartz, Multicolor Rutilated Quartz, Purple Rutilated Quartz, Red Rutilated Quartz, Red Rutile, Rutilated Quartz, Silver Rutilated Quartz, White Rutilated Quartz (76 items in stock)
* 201-1085.jpg Sapphire  E 
All, Blue Sapphire, Coated Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Multi Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Purple Sapphire, Ruby + Sapphire, Sapphire, Sapphire Corundum, Songea Sapphire, Tundra Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire (22 items in stock)
* 349-0009 Sardonyx.jpg Sardonyx  N 
All, Sardonyx (14 items in stock)
* 100-0580.jpg Scapolite  N 
All, Black Scapolite, Brown Scapolite, Scapolite (13 items in stock)
* 363-0009 Seraphinite.jpg Seraphinite  N 
All, Seraphinite (10 items in stock)
* 181-1329 MOP Dime.jpg Shell
All, Abalone, Black Mother of Pearl, Dyed Abalone, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Misc Shells, Mother of Pearl, Natural Mother of Pearl, Pink Mother of Pearl (665 items in stock)
* 101-2581.jpg Silver Leaf Jasper  N 
All, Silver Leaf Jasper (31 items in stock)
My Favorite 203-1598.jpg Smoky Quartz  E 
All, Smoky Quartz (162 items in stock)
* 205-0012_Snowflake_Obsidian_Round.jpg Snowflake Obsidian  N 
All, Snow Flake Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian (30 items in stock)
My Favorite 206-1219.jpg Sodalite  N 
All, Dyed Sodalite, Orange Sodalite, Sodalite (92 items in stock)
* 207-1050.jpg Soocho Jade  E 
All, Shoocho Jade, Soocho Jade (73 items in stock)
* 109-0027.jpg Spessartite  E 
All, Mandarin Garnet, Orange Garnet, Spessartite, Yellow Garnet (8 items in stock)
* 254-1009 Spinel Nugget.jpg Spinel  N 
All, Black Spinel, Multi Spinel, Pink Spinel, Spinel (22 items in stock)
* 511-1276.jpg Sponge Coral  Stb 
All, Pink Sponge Coral, Sponge Coral, White Sponge Coral (78 items in stock)
* 084-0012.jpg Sterling Silver  Asbl 
(20 items in stock)
* 330-1009 Stichtite Flat Rect.jpg Stichtite  N 
All, Stichtite (1 items in stock)
* L2562-004C.jpg Sugilite  N 
All, Sugilite (3 items in stock)
* 217-1095.jpg Sunstone  N 
All, African Sunstone, Gold Sunstone, Mica Sunstone, Oregon Sunstone, Sunstone (48 items in stock)
* L2792-007E.jpg Tanzanite  E 
All, Tanzanite (4 items in stock)
* 293-1010.jpg Tektite  N 
All, Tektite, Yellow Tektite (3 items in stock)
* 374-0017.jpg Thunder Eggs  N 
All, Thunder Egg, Thunder Eggs (1 items in stock)
* 337-0037.jpg Tiffany Stone  N 
All, Tiffany Stone (3 items in stock)
* 513-1066.jpg Tiger Coral  N 
All, Tiger Coral (18 items in stock)
* 210-1103.jpg Tiger Eye  N 
All, Mixed Tiger Eye, Tiger Eye (129 items in stock)
* 211-1009 Tiger Iron Jasper Flat Square.jpg Tiger Iron Jasper  N 
All, Tiger Iron Jasper (25 items in stock)
* 316-1001 Imperial Topaz Chips.jpg Topaz
All, Blue Topaz, Imperial Topaz, Lemon Topaz, White Topaz (17 items in stock)
* 120-1091.jpg Tourmalinated Quartz  N 
All, Tourmalinated Quartz (52 items in stock)
* 111-1551.jpg Tourmaline  E 
All, Black Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Brown Tourmaline, Cat's Eye Tourmaline, Chrome Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline in Quartz, Multi Tourmaline, Paraiba Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Red Tourmaline, Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Yellow Tourmaline (130 items in stock)
* 212-0403.jpg Tree Agate  N 
All, Tree Agate (46 items in stock)
* 383-0001.jpg Tsavorite  E 
All, Tsavorite (2 items in stock)
* 112-1802 CTQ Carved Round.jpg Turquoise
All, African Turquoise, Arizona Turquoise, Chinese Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Green Turquoise, Misc Turquoise, Peru Turquoise, Sonora Sunrise, Yellow Turquoise (413 items in stock)
* 239-1129.jpg Turquoise Howlite  D 
All, Turquoise Howlite (86 items in stock)
* 284-1071.jpg Turquoise Quartz  Syn 
All, Turquoise Quartz (36 items in stock)
* 213-0012.jpg Unakite  N 
All, Unakite (81 items in stock)
* 321-1003 Variegate Jasper Flat Oval.jpg Variegate Jasper  N 
All, Variegate Jasper, Varigated Jasper (4 items in stock)
* 101-1498 Variscite.jpg Variscite  N 
All, Variscite (3 items in stock)
* 366-0005.jpg Vessonite  N 
All, Vessonite (4 items in stock)
* 333-1032 White Agate Tube.jpg White Agate  N 
All, White Agate (19 items in stock)
* 169-1012.jpg White Howlite  N 
All, Howlite, White Howlite (33 items in stock)
* 303-1088.jpg White Jade  B 
All, White Jade (43 items in stock)
* 291-1044 White Opal Nugget.jpg White Opal  N 
All, White Opal (36 items in stock)
* 372-0001.jpg White Topaz  N 
All, White Topaz (3 items in stock)
* 395-0008.jpg Wonder Stone  N 
All, Wonder Stone, Yellow Wonder Stone (3 items in stock)
* 351-0002 Wood Jasper.jpg Wood Jasper  N 
All, Wood Jasper (3 items in stock)
* L3572-061.jpg Wood Opalite  N 
All, Wood Opalite (13 items in stock)
* 214-1219.jpg Yellow Jade  N 
All, Yellow Jade (113 items in stock)
* 215-1055.jpg Yellow Jasper  N 
All, Red Yellow Jasper, Yellow Jasper (39 items in stock)
* 289-1015.jpg Yellow Opal  N 
All, Yellow Opal (54 items in stock)
* 115-1049 Yellow Quartz Brio.jpg Yellow Opalite  Syn 
All, Yellow Opalite (23 items in stock)
* 347-0006.jpg Yellow Quartz  N 
All, Yellow Quartz (11 items in stock)
* 112-1633.jpg Yellow Turquoise  Stb 
All, Yellow Chinese Turquoise, Yellow Turquoise (93 items in stock)
* 216-1017.jpg Zebra Jasper  N 
All, Zebra Jasper (17 items in stock)
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